What housesitting means to us

Aloha kākou!

Since living in our van, we have been blessed with several opportunities to house sit here on the Island. I wouldn’t say we live for house sitting, but hey, it really is nice every once in a while to kick back in a fancy dancy house with all these amenities we do away with during our everyday life.

We are currently staying in the house of our close friends parents’ outside of Hilo in a really nice and quiet neighborhood surrounded by ohiʻa trees with no proximate neighbors. Normally, our friends parents stay in the big house they just finished (2 bedrooms!! woot!! 😉 ) building and our friend and her boyfriend live in the tiny house on the other end of the property which she just finished remodeling. They are all from Maui, which is actually how I know them, and had to go back for a family members passing. So we have been staying there with the boyfriend helping with the three dogs and the cat.

Without taking away from how so very blessed we feel that we have these opportunities, as well as friends who trust us so much, I couldn’t help but notice last night a few things I have taken note of while being inside this traditional style “house”.

So here I go with some pretty random, but thoughtful things I’ve noticed:

-There seems to be way more dishes. I think that by having a sink available, we don’t think about being conservative with our dish use. I feel like every time I come back to the sink there are a pile of dishes to do again!

-We can watch TV. What a concept! It’s not something we did much even when we had a house, and now we only watch movies on our computer from a hard drive when we have enough time to get in bed and waste two hours. So getting home and turing on the television is particularly strange.

-We have to drive to get to school… Thirty minutes! We have the pleasure of being able to park/live where ever we want really (of course there are limitations) and often we choose to be in town and close to school on school nights, out of convince. The past week however, we have to coordinate travel time into the morning and evening routine.

-We have been leaving our sweet dog Kawelo at the property with the other dogs in the big fenced-in yard. This has been a lot harder on me than I thought! And I may just be wacko crazy about my dog, but I think she has become more distant too. She also has been having to stay outside of the house all day even while weʻre home (house rules), and I think she feels like she is being punished when we tell her she can’t come inside. Leaving the house the other day she ran across the fence line while we drove by as long as she could and I actually felt all choked up. Is this how moms feel looking into the window at their baby while leaving them at daycare? If so, I’m so not ready.

-Depending on whats going on that day, we sometimes have been taking the truck and not the van (also trying to save gas in our big hunken van) and so I don’t have all my clothes, school books, snacks, deodorant, basically my entire life just right across the street from school and work… Not going to lie, we have definitely forgotten many things and realized it was in the van at home, or even vice versa. I have a feeling this will be a constant struggle while housesitting or not…

-I can do laundry! Over a few days time! Not having to sit in that filthy laundry mat for a couple hours just to do a load or two every week, and paying upwards of $10 each time, is a SERIOUS luxury. I think it’s my favorite part of housesitting… Nothing beats crawling into a bed with warm fresh sheets 😀

-Lastly, all of these things combined; dishes, laundry, the TV, the long drive, separation anxiety from my pup, forgetting things, have all seemed to create very long days, and even this week. I’ve noticed that while living full time in our van, time flies by. I don’t know for sure if thats cause weʻre having “so much fun!” or just because its our routine, its our norm, and theres definitely not as much cleaning/tidying to do-I have a serious case of OCD and I am constantly tidying no matter if it is my house or not… So, as nice as getting to house sit every month or so is, I really appreciate my life in our van.


Mahalo for reading!!!

Na Leilani


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