Some “Van Life” Things

Aloha Kākou!

I’ve been asked before what our routine is like, living in a van. We own both our Ford E-350 and our F-150. So I’ve also been questioned on how we manage/where we park both vehicles, because being  Full-time at Uni, it does seem like it could be a lot to juggle… My answer is not very definite though. We don’t exactly have a set routine. Everyday is a new day and involves new tasks, different errands, appointments here or there, etc. We just have to communicate basically everything that’s going on during the day with each other. In the morning we decide if we are sleeping in, getting up to do extra homework, going to the gym (which this week we are trying to start becoming really dedicated to!), grabbing coffee or making coffee, if we want to make breakfast, if we have any sort of appointments or meetings, who is going to take Kawelo out, we have to figure out what is for lunch that day, pack it, you know-all those ʻadult things’.

Then we add on things that I think are pretty  specific to “van life” like: do we need to buy more ice for the cooler today?, where are we going to do the dishes?, do we need to shower today, and if so, when will be squeeze that into our schedules while the gym is open?, does the stove need more propane?… the list goes on! 😉

I don’t really know if this post will interest anyone, but recently a friend who was asking me what I mentioned at the beginning of this post, was interested because she has tossed around the idea about living in a van too. I tried to really give her some details about what goes on in our daily lives, how things differ (sometimes slightly and sometimes drastically) living in a van from a house or apartment. For example, living in such a small space! We have to stay very organized. Take the dishes issue, as soon as they are clean, I really want to put them away asap, because they all have some pretty odd ʻhomes’ in the van and until they are put away, the place feels very cluttered. Or the ice example, if we don’t stay on top of that, all of our food could go bad! We both have very busy schedules during the day so packing lunch ahead of time is really helpful, although itʻs honestly a chore I’m not all that fond of! Making coffee with our french press creates another dish, so sometimes we take the lazy (yet more expensive) route and buy from our coffee place on campus. We shower about every other day but we don’t have the leisure of hopping in at hours like 11pm or 5am like you might in a home, so even our showers are planned out!

I guess what this post comes down to is, if you are thinking about living in a van, it would be best if you have some really good organizational skills. And if you are going to do it with a partner, you HAVE to be willing to be the most effective communicator you possibly can be. At least thats how we have managed so far while still continuing to love our lifestyle!


Mahalo for reading and if you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to ask, I’d love to answer them!


Na Leilani



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