A day in the life of Leilani

Aloha kākou!

Okay so… I asked my sister what she thought I should write next, and she said a “day in the life of me!” I’m going to try my best although I’m sure like everyone else, each day is different and living in a van definitely exemplifies that for me. We recently house sat for the first 10 days of April and as I was pondering this blog post, it occurred to me how drastically different my daily life was while being in a house.

unnamed-1.jpg((The view of our van from the lānai were we house sat!))

unnamed-4.jpg((All of us one morning while we house sat.))

Firstly, I found myself picking up and tidying a lot around the house. Not to say that I don’t do that in our van, I definitely do, the house is just a much larger space and I got easily overwhelmed with how messy it felt. To be fair, when we house sit, we don’t actually have set “places” for each of our things so all our stuff we bring into the house tends to get spread out all over the place. Whereas, typically there is always a spot in the van for everything. Secondly, there were soooo many dishes that accumulated in the house! I know I’ve talked about this plenty before, but it blows my mind every time how many more dishes we use while in a house! We must know how easy it is to just set them in the sink and get to them later. But living in a van we don’t have that luxury. We use the least amount of dishes possible, re-use them if they aren’t that dirty, eat straight out of the pot or pan, eat our dinner in the tupperwear dish the leftovers will end up in, rinse cups out with just water, the list goes on! We are just way more conscious and conservative while in the van. Oh, another note about house sitting is how nice it is to have alternative seating options like a couch or a chair! In our van we have our bed, the mini island counter opens up to a table with two stools, and the two front seats, which always seem a bit odd to just chill in if you’re not driving anywhere- but we do anyway.

Getting back to the “day in the life of me” thing… I guess we can start with examples from yesterday and this morning. Yesterday morning we woke up directly across from school, which is where we park and sleep sometimes (we kind of rotate between several spots so we don’t get too sick of the same one). I woke up to the sound of the alarm clock and it took a good amount of my pestering Hoapili and Kawelo for them to wake up. I got changed, put on deodorant, tidied up a bit, swept the floor with our little mini broom, and took Kawelo out across the street to a big field of grass on campus. When I came back I think Hoapili was getting ready and I finished up by giving Kawelo a scoop of food and repacking my school bag for that days classes. We both wanted coffee and a bit to eat so we walked to the mini coffee shop by the library on campus. I then sat outside at a table studying for a math exam and a ʻōlelo Hawaiʻi kuisa (quiz) while Hoapili got an override form signed for a class next semester. I also had to turn in a form to Financial Aid and then we returned to the van to drive up to HaleʻŌlelo (our Hawaiian language building) for our 10am class. I like to arrive 10-15min early so I can go into the co-ed bathroom and brush my teeth and feel a bit more presentable. We went to class as usual, Hoapili drove me back down campus to my math class for that exam, meet me in the cafeteria after class to get lunch, and then I went to Geography class. After that class (we had a guest speaker-really great!), I went to Kīpuka (the Native Hawaiian Student Center) to work on a project and also write a speech for my ʻŌlelo class and get the tutor to look it over.

unnamed-3.jpgunnamed-2.jpg((Hoapili and Kawelo sleeping in yesterday! Also, the trees on campus are blossoming so beautifully!))

After that, my “school day” was over and Hoapili picked me up to go run some errands! We went to the Post Office to check our PO Box (had a pay check, woo!), went to our local health food store, Island Naturals to get dinner and stuff for lunches the next several days, and then went to Sports Authority. We bought some trekking poles and binoculars for our upcoming Europe trip! Then I got suckered by Hoapili to go see Dead Pool… which I don’t have many comments about that… Haha! From the mall after the movie we drove to Bay Front, another spot we park and sleep in sometimes 🙂  I think that our preparation for bedtime is pretty similar to everyone else’s… Feed Kawelo and Hoapili took her out, filled a water bottle to have by the bed, turned off the christmas lights and went to sleep!

This morning, I woke up and let the two sleepy heads rest for awhile as I got the camper stove out, filled up our glass jug which was empty, with the water from our big 5 gallon water tank, and heated up some water in the kettle f0r Hoapilis coffee. We had some cut up fruit I ate for breakfast and I made my chai tea/vanilla hemp milk drink. I took Kawelo out like normal-although it was raining :/ By the time I returned Hoapili was getting dressed and ready for the day and we soon departed for school! Oh! We also emptied our trash can in the trash can at Bay Front before we left. Hoapili has a 9am class on MWF so I dropped him off at lower campus and drove up to HaleʻŌlelo where I am now, writing this blog! Today won’t be much different than yesterday, I have fewer classes and I also work the afternoon away at the Anthropology department (student assistant). Tonight however, we are going to go to Kaimū to Uncle Roberts night market and we will sleep down there next to the ocean! I have a doctors appointment out towards that direction in Pāhoa so it will be convenient Thursday morning to get there!

Anyway, I hope this gave you a bit of insight to our daily routine! We aren’t really all that different than everyone else, but I guess there are enough differences for me to notice while house sitting! Mahalo nui loa for reading and again, if you ever have any random questions or are curious about anything regarding our van life, let me know and I’d be happy to post a blog about it!

Na Leilani



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