Aloha Kākou!

So, as I mentioned in my last blog, I have a confession to make. It’s about journaling. I can’t seem to get into the habit of doing it regularly… And I’ve had this problem for as long as I can remember. Everyone said journaling is so much fun and how much I will love looking back on it (I know that’s very true). But, for some reason, I just have always started doing it and then after maybe a couple weeks, I’d stop. It been a consistent reoccurring cycle. Over winter break I kicked myself enough and actually bought us journals in hopes to try really hard to write in them frequently. This seemed so important to me all of a sudden because we had been living in our van for almost 2 months and hadn’t been journaling anything! We had experienced so much! Anyway just the other night I opened my journal up to show Hopaili how little I had written in it since winter break and tried to convince us both how important it was that we write daily while on our trip. After I showed him I opened it up and started reading (Hoapili was shocked I didn’t mind reading it to him!) one of my entries. Christmas break was a time when van life was still really fresh and we were out of school so it felt like constant adventure. Here is an entry from January 3rd.

“Jan 3rd 2016!

Since Christmas we’ve been adventuring, relaxing, and rejuvenating, as well as having good times with new and old friends. We spent Christmas morning on Mauna Kea (on a pull out on Saddle Road) in the low 40’s, opened presents and then headed down the mountain to the west side. We ate at a coffee/cafe place (surprised it was open) and then drove to Miniowale (Kua Bay) to a very over-crowded beach! We ended up having to park 20 minutes away but had a good time riding the waves for maybe an hour. Then we returned to the van and set out to find a grocery store open still to buy goodies for dinner. Safeway ended up being our savior and we barely made it down a few aisles before hearing announcements of their closing soon. We got watermelon, grapes (although they ended up being gross), hummus, pesto pasta and angle food cake. While eating we watched the sunset at the old Kona airport park. That evening we saw a movie called Joy with Jennifer Lawerence. Hoapili said he thought it was weird to make a movie about making mops… But I liked it! That night we we parked behind Target, next to a few other vans/buses which looked like they doubled as home too! Didn’t meet anyone though.

We went to magic sands beach the next day and ate picnic leftovers. Nothing else too exciting besides filling up with gas at Costco. Oh! The gas attendent also lived in his van and he had it parked right there in the Costco parking lot while he worked! Too cool. We drove back up saddle to make it in time to Mariah and Douglas’s house for dinner and to take them to the airport-they went to New Zealand! Lucky butts.

For the next few days we house sat, took care of the chickens, the dog Nala, and the cat Mochi, as well as our little Kawelo! I did a lot of laundry, planned some of our trip (even bought some more of our plane tickets!), organized the van, Hoapili made a papa with Ka’ikena as well as a hau cord necklace with a pendent he made from some bush in the yard. We had the Coad ‘ohana over for dinner, had stir-fry and played heads up! Lots of fun 🙂 We also gave the van a good wash and our last day was spent cleaning up a lot and showering. From there we went to Uncle Roberts and chilled for a few hours until Ka’ikena, Isaac and Peyton and their band played. We slept at a beautiful spot by cove and a sea arch down Kalapana side that evening and I got to take Kawelo on a nice walk and even did a little stretching on my mat by the ocean in the morning! After that we went to Kehena beach. It was a beautiful and sunny day, the water was sparkling so bright and it was so nice to have gotten there so early in the morning (we usually go much later in the afternoon!). We even saw some whales! I think it was a momma and a baby playing. We got super hot and cooled down in the water before leaving, headed to the bank to deposit Christmas money and then went to ‘Onekahakaha park and hung out until dark (used their showers inside the bathrooms!) and drove to Hale Hookah.”

I remember writing these journal entries and really loving to do it. I know that my free time got diminished once school started up, but I know I need to make a consious effort to write more. I really loved reading them outloud to Hoapili the other night too! And I think he did as well 🙂 It is easy to forget details and the little things. We were cracking up at some points while I was reading all the entries! I am going to really try my best to write as much as I can while we are on our trip and my blog will sort of transform from a van life blog to a travel blog for a while. Also, I’ll just let you all know now (to also hold myself to it!) that I will be posting at least one blog a week in ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi for all my Hawaiian speaking friends. Summers are really hard on language students so I’ve also assigned both Hoapili and I ha’awina (assignments) which include journaling in hawaiian daily (as much as possible), giving ha’i ʻōlelo (speaches) weekly, studying the old chapter quizzes, writing down any new words that come up during the day to study on Quizlet later, plus we will be trying to communicate in Hawaiian as much and as often as possible. He is entering second year and I am entering third and both are scary to go into after a 3-month break! So I am thankful we have each other to practice with. And as far as journaling and blogging goes, I will still write a bunch in English too, don’t worry 😉



Until next time!

Na Leilani


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