ʻO ka lā mua ma ʻĀina Hau

Since we stepped foot off the plane, we went through customs, bought some sort of local liquor at the Duty Free, went to grab our bags and learned that Hoapiliʻs backpack hip belt was totally missing and a metal piece that helps frame it together was also gone. So huge bummer number 1… But we will figure out how to get a replacement. For the next 5 days, itʻll stay in the camper van and we wonʻt worry about it. We took a 10 minute taxi ride to the Airport Inn where we settled in for the night, showered (we REALLY needed it!) and finally fell asleep by 2am. Our check-out was at 11 and we had to pick up the camper van at noon so we woke up at 10, got our bags packed and headed downstairs and called another taxi. This drive was about 30 minutes and I don’t really wanna think about how much that cab fare was.. :/ But it got us to our new mode of transportation while here in Iceland! We signed all the forms, got maps and propane for the stove and checked the milage number and that the tank was full. And then we were off!!!



We stopped by their grocery store called Bonus and grabbed what we think will last about 5 days… Then we drove to Olis gas station to get the free coffee (we got a coupon from Kuku Campers) and wifi to decide where we would head next. As I type we are on our way to Thingvellir National Park, about 30 minutes outside the city. We are driving through beautiful rolling hills, streams and lakes, bigger mountains with snow still in patches, its about 48 degrees, and we are in awe! Our kuku camper van sure is wacky, with a silly drawing and a sign that says “Don’t worry be sexy!” on the side!! Least to say, everyone on the road is aware that we are visitors!! It is interesting to be on the visiting side of the spectrum.. We cant pronounce anything let alone read it so we are sympathizing with visitors of Hawaiʻi!



Iʻm gonna be writing blogs separate on my computer and them uploading them when we get wifi so bare with me when I jump back on this same blog in a bit to let you know how the national park was. Iʻll also include photos!! For now, we are nearing the park and we are gonna go explore!
The drive through the park was beautiful! We are constantly blown away by the natural surroundings and how beautiful they are.

IMG_5620.jpegAs we left the national park area, we wandered up to the Geysirs which had one big one that shot up every few minutes.. 70-80 meters high!! It was incredible! We caught a really cool video of it going off, will have to post it to Facebook since I cant on my WordPress account yet.


IMG_0685.jpegUp the road a ways was Gullfoss waterfall (holy moly!!!!). It was cold and rainy and the mist from the waterfall was making us soaking wet but we were so impressed by the raw intensity of this gigantic waterfall. We were blown away! Then when we returned to the visitors center, we realized that we were completely soaked.


We are sitting in the van now, driving to Flo∂ir (secret lagoon apparently!) and are trying to dry out… Jeans aren’t easy to dry!! It is already 6:30pm but we would have no clue if it weren’t for clocks… It is gloomy and cloudy out, but there is no sign of the sun going away (even in the middle of the night last night, it was still just dark gray outside). We’ll probably find this secret lagoon, see if theres hot springs there and if we can swim and then figure out where we will park and cook some dinner. Maybe some of the hot dogs we bought! I got the special “cocktail” sauce.. Hopefully we like it!

The secret lagoon was awesome!! It was really warm, about 104 degrees ferinhieht while it was 46 outside! There was mens and women’s bathrooms where you were required to shower in the nude before getting into the hot spring and there were also lockers and blow dryers which I definitely utilized to dry my suit and my hair, which I never do, but I didn’t wanna freeze!


IMG_6110.jpeg IMG_8726.JPG.jpegWe probably spent about an hour or more in the water, and by the time we got out and drove to a little almost deserted camping spot, it was really late. I think I was heating up the water for our soup (we were frozen!) at around 1030! It is so hard to keep track of time here since itʻs like always light, even in the night after the map app says the sun has set, it is just a dark gray. We ate quickly and tried to snuggle up and get warm to sleep… We weren’t all that successful and both of us were pretty cold the whole night. They really should insulate these vans!! When we woke the walls were all wet and started dripping on us when we turned the van on to warm up! Overall, our first day was pretty awesome, even if we didn’t get great, warm sleep. There was only one other camper in his RV and we parked right next to the bathroom/sink area where we washed our dinner and breakfast dishes and also used the restroom and brushed our teeth, very convenient!

That’s all of Day 1! Day 2 & 3 are coming up next.

Na Leilani


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