Iceland Days 2 & 3 (lots of photos!)

It’s is already the third adventure day for us in Iceland, but we kept ourselves so busy yesterday that I didn’t get a chance to blog as we went. After leaving that little camping spot where we froze, we stopped at a small shop for Hoapili to grab some coffee and started onto Seljalandfoss, a remarkable waterfall that you can walk around an get a full 360 degree view of.

13323189_10206447957179603_9143920242517141241_o.jpg13323277_10206447937859120_243063081218373490_o.jpg But more than that waterfall, along the entire ridge of the side of the mountain were about 4 other beautiful falls.

IMG_8744.JPGIMG_8734.JPGThe last one though, was a pretty far walk, which most of the tourists weren’t bothered to walk to and in my opinion, it was almost the best one. You had to walk back into it, almost like a cave feeling and then once inside you were surrounded by huge tall rock cliffs with a beautiful waterfall cascading down almost on you. It was incredible.

IMG_8742.JPGOn the walk back, Hoapili picked up a bunch of trash, mālama the ʻāina!! We made some pb&j’s in the car before taking off to the next waterfall, Skogafoss.

This one was rather large and very tall, but you couldn’t walk behind it like the first one. There was a really steep staircase all the way to the top and view it from above. I made it half way up and saw the view from one of the viewing points, and Hoapili went up further and got some remarkable shots and views.IMG_1503.jpegIMG_1145.jpegIMG_1149.jpeg

From that waterfall we drove onto Vik, a really cute little town with 384 residents. We stopped at the Black Sand Beach and tried to look for Puffins, but had no luck. It was a really pretty beach! Sand was similar to our black sand beaches, but much colder. Hoapili also touched the water and said it was realllly cold and that it smelled more fishy than home.13320874_10206447950699441_4930303481609078590_o.jpg

Since it was nearing 6 and we were going to try and have an earlier night, plus it wasn’t very wind at that beach, we cooked our hot dogs (we liked the special sauce!) and ate there. I also heated some water so we could have some hot tea.

13308632_10206447937979123_6640927926679289372_o.jpgWe tried to find a cafe in Vik with wifi, but weren’t finding anything, so we tried to use our time wisely and drove a bit further south east towards Jokulsarlon, in the Vatnajokull National Park where we are exploring today. We ended up about halfway there last night at an even smaller town called Kirkjubaejarklaustur at a camping site with lots of other camper vans, motor homes, and tent campers. There was a common kitchen area where we cooked this morning and bathrooms so we could brush our teethies again. It was a bit warner and less windy so we did sleep better this time!!

We left that camping site a bit after 930 I’d say and we are now still on the road to the next spot, where there will hopefully by glaciers and icebergs!! We just pulled off on the road to take photos of the beautiful mountains with snow, a tiny bit of blue sky peaking through at the top, I think that’s the second blue patch we’ve seen since getting here!! I’d love if we had a day or two of clear weather, but I don’t wanna complain, we are in Iceland!! I’ll check in again after weʻve been to Jokulsarlon!

Jokulsarlon was easily my favorite place so far! It was really cold being right next to the lake with all those icebergs, but it was breathtaking. We spent a good two hours here and walked a good ways around the perimeter of the lake.

IMG_8952.JPGIMG_8953.JPGIMG_8954.JPGIMG_8956.JPGIMG_8958.JPGIMG_8959.JPGIMG_8960.JPGIMG_8961.JPGLuckily we did because we got to see two clusters of seals lounging on icebergs!! They were so cute!

IMG_8950.JPGIMG_8951.JPG There were also a few ducks who I felt pretty bad for in that freezing water.

IMG_8955.JPGWe warmed up water in the back of our van for some saimin for lunch before starting the 5 hour journey back to Reykjavik. Most of our day was spent driving and pulling off if we saw anything really cool.IMG_8944.JPGIMG_8945.JPGIMG_8947.JPGIMG_8948.JPG

When we got into the city, we stopped at Harpa, the famous Iceland Opera House, which has really cool architecture with lots of glass reflecting beautifully.IMG_8941.JPGIMG_8940.JPG

I had done some research on the drive over and we decided to camp at the main camping site here in Reykjavik which has an area for camper vans and SUV’s, tents and a hostel with free showers, a kitchen and wifi. We made some hot dogs and scored some garbonzo beans from the free bin and ate our dinner relatively late again. While eating we sat with some fellow Americans from Boston who had some really cool stories!! They’ve been walking/hitch hiking around Iceland and even showered in a waterfall at one point! Buurrr!!! I admire their bravery. And we thought we were roughing it! I think that this past evening was the best sleep I got, temperature wise.

I’ll check in soon to tell you how our last few days go, we will be exploring the city, going to the geothermal warmed beach, Blue Lagoon, and cleaning and packing to get ready to leave on Tuesday.

Na Leilani


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