ʻĀina Hau Days 4 & 5

Aloha Kākou!!

Yesterday we took a break from driving and joined the group of American friends we made the night before for the day. We actually woke up pretty late, the entire group was slow moving, and we took several hours downloading photos and I caught up on blogs. Then we all took off together on foot around 2pm for the Reykjavik National Museum. This place was awesome! We really enjoyed learning about the history of Iceland.IMG_8976.JPGIMG_8981.JPGIMG_8982.JPGIMG_8983.JPG

I especially enjoyed the remnants of a Icelandic migrant that dated back to 900AD and all the information regarding the studies done to find our her age, ethnicity, cause of death, etc. After my oestology class last year, I felt like a little scientist trying to notice any clues with the naked eye just looking at her remains. Very cool!

IMG_8979.JPGThe museum was set up to teach the visitors all about Iceland’s settlement and it’s history up til today. I really enjoyed the display on women’s movements in Iceland and how far they have come. Did you know they had the first woman president of their democracy? So great!


After a couple hours wondering the museum, we all walked to Cafe Haiti for sandwiches and beer and the walked leisurely back to the campsite. Hoapili and I went together to the heated pool next door. It was really cool, it had a big kid pool, a pool with lanes to do laps, both around 32 degrees Celsius and then a bunch of separate hot tubs that ranged from 38 to 44 degrees. We probably spent and hour and a half to two hours in there relaxing after our walking earlier! It was about $7 each to get in.. Which we find so odd paying for public pools, coming from Hawaiʻi! Another sign of how spoiled and blessed we are I guess! After returning from the pool, we made some instant soup for dinner and sat playing on our phones and kinda being zombies for awhile. Then we made our way to bed (at about 11pm, the campsites common room closes then and kicks us out!). I was warm enough last night, but I am really getting tired of my make-shift pillow which has been causing my collar bones to be sore every morning I wake up!!

This morning we woke up and met in the common room with our new friends at 930am like we had planned the morning before, to all ride together in our van to the “beach”. It wasn’t  a very far drive and we got there right as it opened. As soon as we thought we would have the beach to ourselves, a bus of middle school aged kids showed up, on what must have been a field trip! We got changed in the dressing rooms filling with squealing kids and dipped in the pleasantly warm hot tub. The beach itself is basically a bay inclosed with rocks that is slightly heated and only slightly warmer than the actually water. Then were is a small pool near the ocean that is only slightly warmer than that… Least to say we mainly stayed in the hot tub the entire time! I’d say 2-3 other school groups came while we were there for those couple hours. It wasn’t so bad, but it was crowded! We definitely found the local spot. We were pretty bummed to find out that we won’t be able to go to the Blue Lagoon… Since we took so long to get our days organized and know what day would work, and we had only found out the other day that you need reservations, they were all booked out for today and tomorrow :(. IMG_9015.JPGIMG_9016.JPGIMG_9019.JPGIMG_9022.JPG

So instead of the really touristy anyway Blue Lagoon, we went to the beach! And then we spent our afternoon up at the Thingvellir National Park again because we realized that we had missed the tectonic plates that are moving away from each other! It was pretty remarkable to be walking in the middle of that! And the waterfall at the end was gorgeous, but the lighting wasn’t the greatest.IMG_0949.jpeg

On our journey back to Reykjavik, we were half way back and got re-routed due to a motorcycle accident that happened on a bridge… A cop came to each window and told us that it would be a 2 hour wait and if we turned around a cop would  guide us to get back to the city. We had seen a cop riding really fast with its lights flashing (but not chasing anyone so we were confused) but it was actually headed to the intersection to tell us which way to go. They were all so nice! We took this route which was probably a 30 minute detour. Not terrible but our bellies were screaming! When we got back we made our last dinner meal we have (besides some packets of instant soup) of spaghetti with mushrooms, olives, and garlic (the last two were found in the free bins at the campsite! People leave so much behind). I plan on finishing this up, uploading some photos, and then we gotta go and pack up our things and separate what we are sending back to the states (sleeping bags and winter clothes).

Tomorrow we will finish packing up, go to the post office (yay!! $$), get gas (woo!! $$) and drop off the kuku camper and then if the airline will let us check in our bags early, we’ll do that and then walk over to the viking museum while we wait for our flight!! I’m pretty pumped to go to Scotland, and I am gonna download Outlander to start reading and get into the mood!!!!

Mahalo everyone for reading, hope you enjoy following our adventures!

Na Leilani

Oh! Here’s some photos of some horses we saw on the side of the road and some other pretty scenery and geothermal power plants on the drive today. IMG_9025.JPGIMG_9026.JPGIMG_9024.JPGIMG_9868.jpegIMG_4152.jpegIMG_6807.jpeg


One thought on “ʻĀina Hau Days 4 & 5

  1. Love everything you write! Always leaves me looking for more… Can’t wait for Inverness! Love this journey!

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