Iceland Reflections

I’d like to take a moment to reflect on some things we experienced/learned about Iceland during our time there!

*It is so convient to just able to fill up your water bottle at any sink or even rivers as we did a few times! The water is always delicious and pure, and cold!! Buying water in Iceland is the stupidest thing we could think to do there!
*We never had to pay to use the toilet, which was really nice.
*We saw several stray (or at least we think?) dogs wandering around.
*There aren’t very many trees and when there are they are all alined neatly in rows making small cute forests.
*Iceland grows a lot of their own food, in greenhouses heated by geothermal power.
*Iceland is so very green, harnessing almost all of their energy from the earth itself.
*Buying a weeks worth of groceries was the same cost as going out to eat once.
*It is very popular for tourists to travel in camper vans like ours and do what we did.
*There were tons of camp sites with great facilities for all travelers.
*It was baby sheep season and they were the cutest to see along the roads, jumping and running and nursing from their mothers.
*The Icelandic horses were very beautiful, we didn’t get to pet any, but we got really close!
*The Blue Lagoon needs reservations… But it is so expensive anyway! Maybe our next trip. *We don’t think puffins exist.
*A certain type of bird that we saw near the glacier park really didn’t like people. There were tons of birds near the parking lot and every time a tourist went to get a closer look or take photos, the birds started darting down almost attacking them!
*They had a lot of one lane bridges with no slight distance, a lot of them uphill.
*Kuku Campers does not insulate their vans, which they realllly should.
*The gas stations have free wifi.
*Easyjets desk at the airport doesnt open until 6pm. We arrived at 3pm…
*You need to wear a lot of layers!!!

*Get a sleeping bag for the correct suggested temperatures.
*At one point while we were driving in the country side, we stopped at a gas station and there was a motorcross race going on, and two of the riders were taking a break on the route.
*There were tons of tour buses everywhere (full of old people! Mostly American too).
*Those tours were so expensive!!!
*Reykjavik was a really cute city, very clean and we learned that they have workers who pick up trash everyday.
*We met a couple who had met due to the 2010 flight delays because of the volcano eruption and they were on vacation with their new baby, on their way to see that very volcano that brought them together!! So cute.

Anyway, that’s all I can think of for now. If anything else comes to mind, I’ll make an edit and add more under this!

Aloha nō,


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