Scotland Blog 1

Our Scotland experience so far: (Written June 2nd)

We arrived to Keflavik’s airport far too early, but we had had to drop off the van by noon and really didn’t feel like venturing anywhere with our backs on so we just waited at the bus stop to take us to the airport. When we arrived at 3, we learned that the desk for our airline didn’t open for another 3 hours… So we settled in at the only cafe in the lobby and got sandwiches and FaceTimed some family and I wrote post cards. Our time through check in and security went smoothly, and we ate again once in the terminal since we knew we wouldn’t get the chance to eat again until the morning. Our flight was a little late leaving so we didn’t land until midnight, and I had to call back our taxi that we had booked who had left since immigration took so long! He ended up being a really nice fellow and took us right to the Airbnb where we stayed in Edinburgh.

Jennifer, who we stayed with, had stayed awake waiting for us, until about 1am! She showed us what we needed to know about the place and we said goodnight figuring we’d see each other again in the morning. Jennifer is actually a friend of the mom of a really sweet girl that I met in Vancouver two summers ago when I went to visit while staying with another friend in Seattle. We’ve stayed in contact and she hooked me up with this lovely women we grew really found of, Jennifer! She is about the age of my nanny, and just as sweet and intelligent as can be! I actually think her and my nanny would get along tremendously. We set out for the day to spend in Edinburgh and she was home when we returned and we talked the entire time we cooked our dinner and through eating it as well. She is just a huge source of amazing knowledge and even gave Hoapili a book that he began reading last night from her bookcase, and the sequel!

Yesterday we went and canceled the car rental we had booked because we saw how busy Edinburgh was and also looked up how much cheaper buses were and it would also save us the expense of gas. When we returned to the city center, we grabbed some lunch at a pub and both got the local dish, Haggis. It was really yummy! Mashpotatoes, lamb/beef, and lamb aus.

IMG_2391.jpegOh and we also both tried a Scottish beer.

IMG_3322.jpegAfter we filled our bellies, we headed to the Scottish National Gallery. The amount of art there was amazing! I even found some that had connections to my family lineage, the Grant clan!

IMG_5993.jpegIMG_1573.jpegIMG_6722.jpegWe got a coffee and enjoyed it with what seems like a lot of other people in the park. It was a sunny gorgeous day that everyone was taking advantage of. After we finished, we trekked up to the Edinburgh Castle.


It was already 5pm when we arrived, so we only had an hour to see everything before they closed 😦 We felt a bit rushed and didn’t get to read all the descriptions, but we took photos of them (the ones we could, some rooms we weren’t allowed to take photos) to read and learn about later.IMG_1878.jpegIMG_2289.jpeg

We left when they closed and headed back to Waverly Steps bus station to ride back to Restalrig area, where we stayed. There is a cop-op nearby that we stopped to grab things to make dinner. It is always so surprising how inexpensive food at groceries are! It was 1/4 or less of the cost of our lunch! That basically sums up our time in Scotland so far. We spent this morning showering, packing up our packs and making a big breakfast (Jennifer insisted, since she had bought lots of goodies for us! And we even took some fruit with us for the road) and then we headed to the Edinburgh Bus Station to catch our Megabus to Inverness, where I am sitting now. I think we’ve only got about 20 minutes to go. We both read most of the way up (I just started the first Outlander book!!!) and we are looking forward to checking into the hostel and getting some food and beers at a pub.

Until next time!!!

Na Leilani
PS: I forgot to mention how beautiful the drive up here has beens so far! Very green with lots of mountains little streams and rivers, and gorgeous yellow bushes and fields of flowers!!! I can’t wait to get to Inverness!



2 thoughts on “Scotland Blog 1

  1. I’m having so much fun reading all that you write about 🙂 I’m so glad that you are reading Outlander and that you are reading it THERE!!! Wow!!! I love you.

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