Holland so far

Aloha kākou!! (E heluhelu ʻoukou ʻōlelo Hawaiʻi, ʻelua mea leʻaleʻa i loko ma ka ʻōlelo Hawaiʻi wale nō (; )

We’ve had a really great time in The Netherlands so far! On our first full day (we arrived on Wednesday but I am going to probably write a whole separate blog about that traveling expedition) we took the bus (after finding the stop) from the neighborhood our airbnb is in to the Utrecht Central Station where we took a 30 minute train ride into Amsterdam. From there we walked towards the Rijksmuseum, stopping for lunch at a quick falafel place and a coffee shop. (Ua puhi i ka mauʻu ma kēlā wahi hale kope… ʻAʻole hiki iaʻu ke haʻi i kēia papa ʻōlelo i kēia blog no ka mea, heluhelu ko māua ʻohana!! hahaha)
The Rijksmuseum was really incredible!!! It was like 4 stories with tons of amazing art and we learned a lot! It was grouped by years, 1100-1600, 1600-1700, 1800-1900 and 1900-1950 on each story.


IMG_9678.JPGIMG_9679.JPGBehind the museum is the I amsterdam sign that was super crowded with tourists, but we managed to get some photos!

We took the train back to the Airbnb after picking up some easy groceries to make a pasta dinner (welcome to traveling, you eat pasta every other night…) and we just chilled out at the house that night. We slept in a bit in the morning and took the train to a bus station nearby the castle we planned to visit that day and waited by the stop for over 30min before some Aussie guys came by who also wanted to see the castle and told us that the bus only ran on Wednesdays and Weekends… It was a Friday. So we all decided to walk together about 4km… It was pretty long but we and some good chats with them. We all stuck together on the castle tour too, which was self guided unless you spend 4 more euro (on top of the 14 we already paid!!!) which included tours of the bedrooms upstairs. It was a very richly designed, elaborate and extravagant castle that we kinda felt like we overpaid for, since they obviously had a lot of money already!!!

IMG_9683.JPGIMG_9684.JPGIMG_9685.JPGThe many gardens, maze and the deer park outside were really pretty though, and we wished we had only paid the smaller fee to just walk around those.

IMG_9690.JPGIMG_9691.JPGIMG_9687.JPGIMG_9686.JPG There was a wedding going on in the rose garden that I was super jealous of! It was so beautiful!!

We didn’t really know of any other way back to the station we arrived on, so we ended up walking the whole way back again. Our feet were so sore and we were exhausted! In Utrecht station, the largest mall is attached called Hog Catherine or something like that and we were determined to find an actual normal sized grocery store, not the “togo” places weʻd seen everywhere which were really useless when you wanted to actually get food to cook and not just heat up. Finally, after more that 30 minutes of searching, we found a decent one! We got stuff for stir fry, cereal, milk and eggs for the morning and made our way to the house on the bus.
We also stayed in that night, but we always end up getting to bed pretty late.
Saturday we decided to rest our legs and feet a bit and did a hop on hop off for the bus and boat tours of the canals and of Amsterdam.

IMG_9699.JPGIMG_9705.JPGIMG_9755.JPGWe spent most of our day touring the city this way and meet up for the pub crawl to begin around 740pm after we ate dinner. The crawl went through the red light district… which was interesting haha. The streets were sooo so crowded and the amount of young people on the crawl was a bit insane and made it difficult to have as much fun as I’ve had on other ones. But we did meet some really nice people who we all stuck around with for the whole night.

IMG_9718.JPG We made it home so late that we were almost up for 24 hours straight… So we didn’t really do much of anything on Sunday!

IMG_9735.JPGWe finally were showered and dressed by 5pm and all we did was take the bicycles to the grocery store since we had only eaten cereal and eggs all day! It was nice to have a sleeping day although I kinda wish the weather was swapped for today! It was so rainy and cold, the locals told us that it was the most rain they’ve seen in awhile, 16 straight hours of rain! We didn’t sleep the day away though and we checked out the town called Zaanse Schans, just outside of Amsterdam which was a really cute dutch town that had cheese and clog demonstrations/museums and lots of the cute old fashioned windmills.

IMG_9739.JPGIMG_9741.JPGIMG_9743.JPGIMG_9745.JPGIMG_9750.JPGIMG_9751.JPGIMG_9752.JPGWe made the best of the dreary day and when we got back to Amsterdam Central on the way back to our Airbnb, we booked guided bus tickets to Brussels! We had wanted to go to Bruges, but that trip only runs MWF and since we leave Wednesday, tomorrow was our only option. It should be a nice tour though and we will get to add Belgium to our list of countries traveled this summer!
Akahi nō māua ʻO Hoapili a ʻai i kekahi mau koki mai ʻAmekekama mai! Hehehe. He pō maikaʻi no māua!!! 😉

I’ll catch you guys up later about how our day to Brussels went and our last quick day before flying to Palermo, SICILY!!! OMG!

Me ke aloha,

Na Leilani


2 thoughts on “Holland so far

  1. So much to say about this blog… pub crawls! :), out and up almost 24 hours! 🙂 Ok… I knew about those already:) hee hee…
    Not sure about your Hawaiian statements, but I understand enough that you said something about your family… hmmmmm
    When you went to the cheese demonstration, did you ask about beer cheese?!?! hee hee
    Glad you got some rest and I can’t wait to hear about Belgium!
    All these visits to breweries… when you arrive in Kentucky, we are taking you on a tour of the best bourbon made anywhere. We’ll visit at least two. Be sure you write this down in your itinerary!
    I love you so,

  2. ʻAkahi nō au a heluhelu iho i kāu blog!! Nani loa nā mea a pau!! Ua ʻakaʻaka i kāu kākau ʻana ma ka ʻŌH no nā mea ʻōmaʻomaʻo! Hehehe – a he aha ke koki? 😉

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