Roma and Tivoli

Aloha kākou!

Sorry to have to catch up from so long ago, but I wanted to talk about our time in Roma!! We really loved the city, it was a bit cleaner and had larger streets, and also a lot more tourists. We noticed a funny contrast between Amsterdam, which had tons of groups of young guys traveling together, and then in Rome, where there were there were tons of young gals traveling in groups together. Anyway, after our arrival (and dealing with the really rude american hating Airbnb host), we went to bed and then in the morning-kinda like lunch time, we did laundry and went to get groceries and made lunch before heading into the city. We found our way to the Trevi fountain and made our wishes, and also witnessed some sort of reality show going on with tons of cameras on these young people and from what we could gather, it seemed like some sort of bachelor show or something! So weird!

IMG_0173.JPGIMG_0179.JPGIMG_0181.JPGFrom there we went to the spanish steps but they were being cleaned so we couldn’t walk up them, only take pictures behind a big gate blocking it 😦

IMG_0190.JPGWe ran into two girls, Sam and Tamara, from Canada that were in our Napoli hostel too!! We had made plans to visit with Stevens other 2nd cousin, Vencinzo’s brother, who lived in Rome that afternoon so we went to the Pantheon church before meeting him for coffee.

We sat and talked with Gamma for a really long time, and certainly enjoyed our conversations about religion, politics and learning all about stuff going on in Italy and Rome especially, and how much the Vatican has pull on things. After saying goodbye to him, we made our way back on the tram (30 minutes from the city center) and made some dinner and drank wine at home before going to bed.
The next day we got up really early and went to grab our tickets we bought online for the combo of the Colosseum, Roman Forum and the Palantine hill. We read online to pick them up at the forum to avoid the long line, and then we walked over to the Colosseum and got to skip the line and go straight thru. It was so packed and hot and there was also an event going on with the prime minister visiting. It was so huge and incredible but so crowded and hot that we only really walked around the main level and then headed back to the forum and walked around there, went into the church and then up to the hill to look over all of the forum, it was such an amazing view! We ate our lunch under some shade and then we started on our walk all the way to the Vatican City. It was a pretty long walk and we were so hot and tired and then had to wait in the line for about 45 minutes (which we heard was way better than in the morning which was about 2 hours) just to get into the Museums which you had to walk thru to get to the Sistine Chapel.

It was SO crowded that we just felt like herded sheep walking thru the museums and then even worse thru the Sistine, but it really was amazing!! All the art throughout the entire museums, even the ceilings, which were just unbelievable. After we walked for hours through that madness and were just dead beat tired and just headed back to the house to cook again and drink more wine!! The next day we had to check out at 9, and we made sure to get out in case to not upset our Airbnb man and were able to leave our luggage at Sam and Tamaras hostel room while we all went and got food and some souvenirs together before we headed to Tivoli.
I wont go into many details of our trip to Tivoli (which is a really close by town to Rome), but it included a metro, which we needed exact change to buy tickets for and we only had a 50, so the line to actually talk to a person and get a ticket was our only option, which I stood in long enough to miss our train connection in the next station over, where we needed to go. We eventually made it, super tired and stressed out but our nice B&B man came and walked us to our room (which was so fancy!) and we took a nap until it was time for dinner. We got some pizza somewhere and then watched the game in the center of the city (well, I went back early cause my feet hurt). The following day we went around the Park in Tivoli (the reason we went there) which was really beautiful with caves and waterfalls and grottos, it was very beautiful!! After our walk around the park, we went back and grabbed our luggage and returned to the train station and had to go BACK to Rome to catch the bus to Siena.
Anyway, I’ll catch you guys up on our trip to Siena later 😉
Na Leilani


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